• How to make your vacations a tax deduction?

    How to make your weekend getaways a tax deduction?

    As a business owner, one of the advantages is the ability to claim tax deductions for expenses related to the business. When planning for your upcoming vacation, it is important to ensure that you capitalize on all the legally entitled tax write-offs, including the opportunity to reduce your tax liability by converting your vacation into…

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  • Divorce or Separation May Have an Effect On Taxes

    Divorce or Separation May Have an Effect On Taxes   Taxpayers should be aware of tax law changes related to alimony and separation payments. These payments are made after a divorce or separation. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act changed the rules around them, which will affect certain taxpayers when they file their 2019 tax returns…

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  • Eco-friendly Cars - Save On Taxes

    Eco-friendly Cars – Save On Taxes

    Tax Write Offs for Eco-friendly Vehicles   Save up to $7,500 on your next vehicle–if it’s eco-friendly? Have you thought about an electric or plug-in hybrid car? If so, you could save! Not to mention the savings on fuel at the pump by using an electric vehicle. Most business owners are aware they can write…

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