• Estate

    Avoid Estate Tax

    A Tip on passing down your vacation home: Establish a Family Limited Partnership   Family Limited Partnerships are powerful estate planning tools that enable the smooth and tax-efficient transfer of business ownership from one generation to the next.   If you own a vacation home you want your children to own after you’re gone, you…

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  • Taxpayer Payment Options

    Taxpayer Payment Options

    As the 2019 tax filing season gets into full swing, the Internal Revenue Service reminds taxpayers who owe of the many easy payment options.

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  • Taxpayer Withholding

    Taxpayer Withholding

    The Internal Revenue Service warned taxpayers to check their income tax withholding for almost all of 2018 due to how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affected tax brackets. The IRS announced it would waive the penalty for not paying enough estimated tax if affected taxpayers met most of their tax liability in 2018.

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