September 2019

  • Benefits to Taxpayers Who Itemize

    Benefits of Taxpayers Who Itemize   Summer is a season when people have fun, yet get things done. From buying a new house to cleaning their old one, taxpayers who itemize their deductions may have done things this summer that will affect the tax returns they file next year. The higher standard deduction means fewer…

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  • Car Expense Deductions

    The Inside Scoop On Car Expense Deductions   Taxpayers who have deducted the business use of their car on past tax returns should review whether or not they can still claim this deduction. Some taxpayers can. Some cannot. Here’s a breakdown of which taxpayers can claim this deduction when they file their tax returns. Business owners…

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  • Home Office Tax Deduction

    Save Money With Your Home Office   If you’re eligible, a home office deduction can save you big bucks at tax time. If you’re not, claiming it can get you in big trouble. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics over 18 million Americans operate home based businesses.  Two million people claim a home…

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  • Renewing Your ITIN

    Taxpayers With Expiring ITINs Should Renew Them Now   Taxpayers with expiring individual taxpayer identification numbers (ITIN) should think about renewing their ITIN number ASAP. There are nearly 2 million ITINs set to expire at the end of 2019.  Renewing your ITIN will help avoid unnecessary delays related to their tax refunds next year. ITIN’s are used by…

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