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Restaurant & Bar Accounting

We understand what goes into running a successful restaurant. In order to keep you focused on running your business, we focus on the bookkeeping and accounting issues, forms, and notices that may come your way. We know there are many unique accounting issues in the food service business. Our Team stays up-to-date on ways to handle these situations to save you time and increase your bottom line.

Profit Wise continually works with owners and managers of restaurant groups, neighborhood cafes, food trucks, pubs, bars, and hotels. Our clients are passionate about their businesses and rely upon us to provide them with restaurant bookkeeping services and training.

With over 30 years of restaurant accounting, consulting and bookkeeping service experience, we can confidently guide our clients to select the level of support which is appropriate for their needs and budgets.

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We help you understand and maintain your accounting systems, and keep you geared for success.

Restaurant Statistics – The statistics for maintaining a successful restaurant are not in favor of the industry, as we witness 27% of restaurants failing in their first year, 50% failing in year number five and 70% out of business by the ten-year mark. We strive for absolute excellence and want your restaurant to succeed in the long run!


Restaurant & Bar Accounting

So, what are some typical barriers for a restaurant to succeed? Here are just a few examples:

    • Sales Tax Audits – how to protect yourself from a Sales Tax Audit.
    • IRS Intervention – how to avoid a tax audit and adhere to tax laws.
    • Department of Labor – are you compliant with mandates and laws?
    • Reliable Software for Efficient Bookkeeping – how to utilize QuickBooks effectively in your restaurant or bar.
    • Employee Turnover – how to minimize employee turnover.
    • Tipped Employees – how to track unpredictable figures and payroll costs.
    • Are you taking advantage of the FICA tip credit?
    • Are you correctly reporting tips to the IRS?

We can assist you with all of these questions and more. We have saved clients up to $200,000 in one year. Increase your bottom line and profits, while saving money!


Restaurant & Bar Accounting

Packages Starting at $150/Month

An accountant experienced in the Restaurant Industry can help with:

  • QuickBooks Setup
  • Payroll
  • Workman’s Comp Audit
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Cost of Goods and Labor Tracking and Management
  • Guidance on Expense Tracking and Often Missed Deductions
  • Business Coaching
  • Marketing
  • Past Due Tax Payment Plans
  • Annual, Quarterly, and Monthly Tax Preparation
  • Saving You Every Dollar Possible

Enjoy these free Accounting and Bookkeeping Tools and Resources for Restaurants and Bars.


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